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Life insurance
According to Rudiyanto, a member of the Financial Services Authority (POKJA) Working Group for Enhancing Financial Literacy in Indonesia, life insurance provides coverage for the risk of death in accordance with the agreement stipulated in the insurance policy signed by both parties.

Rudiyanto said the premium on life insurance is generally more expensive than other insurance. For example when compared with accident insurance or personal accident. Life insurance premiums are more expensive because death is a sure thing to happen, while accidents do not necessarily occur.

Protection from life insurance is useful if you have dependents who will be financially affected if you die. If the risk occurs, the beneficiary is a living family member.

There are some exceptions that can cause insured money to come out, such as if death occurs because the insured commits a crime. Information regarding exceptions can be read in the policy provided by the insurance company. For the process of disbursing life insurance claims needed is a certificate of death from the hospital.

Health Insurance
Health insurance needs to be owned so that health costs do not reduce your savings and investments. The benefit of health insurance is to provide coverage for the risk of surgery and hospitalization.

The way health insurance works according to Rudiyanto is to bear the health costs that arise from hospitalization in the hospital, the cost of surgery, the cost of medicines and outpatient care. For example, if you are hospitalized in a hospital, insurance per night will provide coverage of up to several hundred thousand or million per day. The benefits of health insurance depend on the premium paid. There are those who only cover hospital fees and surgery, some also arrive at the cost of medicines and outpatient care.

The system of providing insurance for health insurance has two types. Some use a card system so we don't have to pay. There are also policyholders paying first and then making claims or called reimbursement systems.

If the insurance company uses a reimbursement system in the process of claim disbursement, the health insurance customer needs an original receipt from the hospital.

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