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Indeed, there are many things that you must pay attention to and prepare to take a trip to Lebaran. In addition to items that you must bring along with travel insurance, in fact there are other types of insurance that you have to prepare so that the Lebaran trip will be more comfortable, namely health insurance.

If you think that travel insurance is enough and can protect against all risks, then what is the function of health insurance? There are many benefits that you need to know from health insurance. For more details, the following benefits will be described one by one.

Benefits of treatment and hospitalization
At first glance, this benefit is almost the same as travel insurance products. However, if you examine there are significant differences between the two products about this benefit. if travel insurance guarantees care for those of you who have an accident during the trip, while health insurance provides a guarantee of treatment and hospitalization for you who are suddenly on the road suffering from an illness. For example, you have a fever or food poisoning while traveling.

This benefit is one of the benefits that you will definitely get. If you already have health insurance, of course all hospital fees and treatment due to illness will be covered by the insurance company according to the listed policy. In addition, you can go directly to the partner hospital with the insurance company so that your illness is immediately handled by a doctor.

Benefits of Surgery
Of course no one wants to be overwritten when the trip back and forth. However, the name of disaster is no one can guess it. If during the trip there are accident incidents or things that make you have to do surgery, of course health insurance will cover the cost of surgery until you recover.

Benefits of Intensive Care
If you have a critical illness and then relapse on a trip back and forth and require intensive care in the ICU, this insurance will provide a guarantee for the cost of the treatment. Of course you do not have to worry about thinking about the nominal that must be spent on maintenance costs because there is already health insurance that covers it.

Benefits of Ambulance
You can use the benefits of ambulance if you suddenly get sick in your hometown and require that you be taken to a hospital. You can directly call the nearest partner hospital there and ask to bring an ambulance as an initial measure to deal with your illness.

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